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This guy was named Alchemist on the back of the box, from the Wizard's box set, GW circa late 90's for Warhammer Quest or Talisman. I really liked the character of this sculpt and I wanted to do something special with the paintwork since I have never seen this particular mini painted by anyone before.


I guess I'll talk a little about the freehand on the scroll since that's most likely what people will be most interested in. That image just came to me when I was painting and doesn't mean or refer to anything in particular. (although come to think of it I remember being inspired by the Queen of Cups although I'm not a Tarot devotee, just an image I saw once) It's just a lady, in fancy attire with a halo, sitting at a table with a couple of decanters and cups on it, pouring what may be wine or some other bright red liquid from a cup in her hand into a smaller cup in her other hand that is resting on the table. Then there's the word "Altera" inscribed on a scroll within the scroll there, which could be latinesque for alteration, which is a word that sounded appropriate for an alchemist to be invoking from a scroll.


Let's see, loads of swirly patterns on his clothing, just...felt like it, plus filling in lots of boring old flat areas with designs helps me avoid having to meticulously blend wide areas of solid color too often. :devil:


Well I guess that's it for this, oh yeah the base is spartan, just some sculpted stones and rubble/earth but I actually like the base for once.

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Hey thanks Dinoman, really appreciate it, keep practicing man you've got the patience that's a big part of it. Patience and enthusiasm go a long way.


@Wumby, yeah there's at least 4 or 5 colors of shade and highlights on the pattern on his clothes, for the browns I tried to keep the highlights subdued since I imagined the robes as sort of a velvety material, a diffuse material. Maybe the green trim could be silk or something since it's a bit shinier heh.

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nicely done...

i love to see classic minis get the treatment...

i have a nice little stash i've been slowly prepping myself...


how did you find the cast on this guy???

my classics almost always have a 1-2mm moldline thanks slippage


keep up the good work...




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Jah, thanks, the cast was pretty decent for the entire range of both boxes, Wizards and Adventurer's that I had. A couple times I had to deal with some nasty mold lines across faces and fingers since many of these are in a very flat pose with the parting line going right the top of the hair usually, which is pretty annoying since of course you always have to either file in between each hair strand or have to file it all down and paint the hair to look like it still has strands, but otherwise not too bad. Considering these were all plastic mold lines are practically no problem at all, super easy to work with plastic of course. (wishes for a day when every mini is multi part plastic or resin, heresy I know!)

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Nice paint work there Sean. The sculpt is ghastly, butt you've really nailed it to the wall with all that freehand... You should change your screen name to "Swirl Master". <_<




Swirl master eh. Then people might think I work at Dairy Queen though...

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