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A Few Recent Darksword Miniatures


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Well here are a few Darksword minis that I finished up recently. The first two, Rattle Shirt and the Knight were commissions, but I also entered the pics of both in the WAMP Darksword contest. Based on the quality of stuff entered, I did not think I would win anything, but I just wanted to get a few minis in a contest. I just happened to be painting these when the contest started, so the timing was good. The Female Anti-Paladin was going to be a third entry, but I was a few days late on getting her done, so she missed out. She is going to be an E-bay piece anyway. I wish I could have spent more time and thought on the bases of each, but both the commissions pieces and the Anti-Paladin were painted as table top gaming pieces.


Comments always welcome.


Rattle Shirt










Female Anti-Paladin



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I agree with Mama, but maybe a little more on the shadows and highlights.



Thanks. Actually they are there, but my camera and light set up seem to steal them and make them look more subtle. In Hand they are clearly visible. My set up has been a thorn in my side. Maybe one day I be able to get a better camera.

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I like the stars on the cloak. That's a neat effect, and well-executed, especially with the two-toned backdrop. All of these are well-painted. Nice job!



MG thanks for the nice comments. The Stars were an idea that seemed to work well. It was my first try, but came out pretty good. I am sure the technique will get better the more I try it.

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