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Bjorn the Fell Handed


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Always on the lookout for good painting forums to frequent, I was instructed by Psyberwolfe to hit this one up. I figure I should post a model with my introduction, so here's my latest model. :upside:














Thanks for looking!

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*scrapes brain matter off monitor and walls*


Pardon me, that paint job just blew my mind.


I really like the lighting effects and detail work you did on runes. Best Bjorn I've ever seen.


Edit: Also the snow being throughout the model really gives illusion that it is snowing currently as Bjorn fights, not just on a snow covered battle field. :wub:

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Thanks everyone!


Welcome aboard. We need to get together and paint soon.


Yes we do. I'm working on getting my battlefoam pack 216 order taken care of, and then I'll actually be able to carry my paint and hobby stuff outside my "laboratory".

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