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Painted Super Dungeon Explore and more

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So I am not a super fan of the Chibi models, or Mouslings (even though I will be painting a few up). I picked him up at an Anime Convention for like 4 bucks along with some other models. Not to much out of my budget. I am kicking myself for not picking up the Relic Knight Mechs at 20 ea. I also am showing off a few minis I had painted up in the past but decided to photo them for auction purposes.


The Dwarf is my old D&D character. I rather enjoyed how he played and I love how his shaved scalp came out, but we have a guy who is wanting to mark and defend against everyone so I am unable to do my job and I have since rebuilt the character as a 2 handed striker type fighter.




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The cavalier looking knight and the chibi knight look very similar. Outside of that these are great paint jobs and I really like both the knight with the banner for the just serious look that you pulled off nicely and the dwarf for the Epic beard and nicely done shaved head.

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I have to say really nice job on the rocks with the knight base. Many times I run into problems with executing nice basing and I can appreciate a good base. I agree the scalp looks great on the dwarf, and the face (from what I can see from the pic) looks pretty nice also.


Of course, I can't overlook how the chibi model looks a lot like the knight. :lol: If that was on purpose, you nailed it!

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