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Duck Egg Blue??


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Any equivalencies???



testors Duck Egg Blue


Just curious since I really don't like using Testor's products, epically their paints. I've run the color sample through the machine & it came out Misty Grey, which really isn't even close to what I need it for.


I'm building Polar Lights' 1/350 scale Enterprise & one of the color is that Duck Egg Blue. I'm gonna have to mix up "Light Duck Egg Blue" as well, so any help would be appreciated.


It appears to be a military color (FS35622).Vallejo has D.E. Green. Are these the same color??



Duck Egg Green


(btw, that color also comes up Misty Grey)




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yah I was hoping in the Reaper line there would be something close to it.


Here is the color on the model


(darker blue is DEB, lighter blue is "light" DEB)


DEB in action


If worse come to it'll use the Testors (ughh) but really trying to stay away from using those


I may have to try out those 2 Reaper paints, even if just by themselves they already make the dark & light shades I like, hmmm.

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...oh, this HURTS.


Reaper does in fact make a gray/blue that's durn near identical to DEB as shown... I know, because I'm looking at it right now. It came as a freebie in my order of Savage World figures last week. Unfortunately, it doesn't SAY ON THE LABEL WHAT COLOR IT IS! It's just "Master Series Sample!"



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Well I did break down & got the paints that are recommended at my local mom & pop hobby shop (crap that rhymed). Only color I didn't get was a color called Deep Yellow (suppose to be some sorta Japanese military color). Anyways, I shook the hell out of the bottle & to be honest this is one of those times the "chip" doesn't even come close to the bottle color. I need to stir it & paint a test strip tomorrow, maybe it'll darken.


Overall the color I got today are all pretty close together. Granted the Enterprise really isn't a colorful ship but what is colored you can see. It'll be interesting that's for sure. If anything I can always fall back on the suggestions everyone has been giving. As I really like the 1st two color combo for 'Duck Egg' & 'Light Duck Egg'. No mixing required, maybe even go after that Vallejo DEG. I will also admit the DEB right now, if you go lighter with it (it's 2 to 1 white for the light shade), really is gonna lighten that one up. I'm thinkin that pic isn't the colors. I went through some more on there & it appears those are examples of the company's work (they build to order for people).



Well at least the base colors will be easy: White primer, either flat white or gloss white--then a pearl clear coat. Then for the decals -- Aztec pattern -- markings! :lol: :lol:


Also kinda odd: the Power Palette brought that chip as Misty Grey. To be honest the actual Testor's paint looks like Misty Grey. So the PP called that one correctly!

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