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Cygnar Storm Strider


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This was a pre-release copy given to me by the kind folks at Privateer Press to showcase on Hand Cannon.


After many weeks, and realizing that it was a great idea, this thing took much longer than I anticipated.

I even painted the single figures to a lower standard than usual, so I could race through the 5 individual models. It was an ambitious project, and I'm glad it's finally done, and I can bring it to the table in it's fully completed glory.

The final article in the preview of this fantastic model releases tomorrow, with some tactics and strategy from the two games I've used it in so far.


In the end, I think it turned out pretty nice. Now I wonder what to do with the second one...


Comments and Critique is always welcomed.

















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Amazing and inspiring piece. I hate, with a passion, painting large figures and this takes the cake. Their is nothing bigger in warmachine and you did it amazingly. Thanks for sharing and your army has to be one of the best painted Cygnar I have ever seen. Good Stuff!


I would LOOOOVE to see some lightning special effects coming out of that thing. I believe I have seen a piece of art that looks similar to the setup you have, maybe in a no quarter magazine? Having one of the Khador in the trench getting fried by lightning would bring a tear to my eye ::D:

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Great... another mini I must have or I'll simply die. I don't even play Cygnar and I want this. It looks fantastic. I really appreciate the mostly white instead of blue. The metallics look wonderful. The base is very creative and narrative. I think the glowing effect could use a bit more "oomph" but it reads as glowing regardless of what I say. Overall, great job!

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