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Griffon tan MSP HD

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I got the 2 box sets of HD MSP"s a few weeks ago.


and was wondering how close in color was griffon tan supposed to be to woodland brown.


cause when I used them for the first time yesterday I noticed they are both looking like woodland brown.


in other words the griffon tan I got looks exactly like woodland brown. there is no difference in color from what I can tell.


I have used ott lites and regular bulb lights to check for a difference in color and can't see one.


could I have gotten a bad griffon tan?

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Now that you mention it...I hadn't noticed how close the two were. Griffon tan seems to have a touch more yellow to it...but the difference is so slight as to be negligible.



yeah I agree. I ended up painting 2 large splotches of Griffon tan and Woodland brown on white paper.


so there is a difference. I can see that now. because I made the comparison splotches so large.


but they are still a little to close in color. the color swatch on the box and website isn't even close to what griffon tan really looks like.

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