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03449: Halmar, Young Wizard


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Hi all,

Here is one of my recent table top pieces. I added the facial hair per the player's request. I tried a few new techniques; first time to paint a magic effect and first time to paint a gem, so all C&C are welcome. I am working to improve! I know the color scheme is dark but this was also per the player's request. I attempted to add bright accent colors for interest.


I used all Reaper paints and the base is made from cork and spices.


I hope you enjoy him!




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I agree with Stern, that robe looks edible! I love the colors you chose for the flasks and his gem, adds some nice color to the figure. I'd love to see what some new blending skills or other suggestions can do to add more to that magic effect. But I think that was great for a first attempt! :B): As always, can't wait to see more!

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