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Pro Paints Down for the Count?

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While picking my brain to comment on this thread, I tried to browse the store to find the names of the paints I used, and was surprised by what my search turned up.


Is the web store hiccuping at the moment, are the pro paints out for regularly-scheduled reformulation, or has the day finally come that I have to suck it up and replace with pro paints when my pots start running dry?

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Thanks, guys...information's always good to have, even if it breaks my heart. It also looks like the more things change, the more they stay the same...that I'm perpetually late to the party and can't search to save my life; the latter is embarrassing, given that I'm a programmer by trade.


It's something I'm torn on...reading the thread I understand why, and I agree with Ed that it's probably the lousiest reason since war rationing to discontinue a product. I've debated picking up MSP bottles when my pros run dry, to see how they behave...I find myself thinning my pros more and more often anyway, but today's tread on thinning MSP brings to mind the horrors of working with GW's Elf Flesh [personal record: 10 coats before I couldn't see the gray primer anymore, straight from the pot]. The more I dig into my "bought solely because it looks like it'll be a pain to paint" pile, the more I appreciate the in-brush-vs-on-brush distinction; the ability to get into tight spots without glopping the entire pathway in doesn't seem important when you're doing a straightforward mini, but trying to do the neck of #2823 gives one a whole new appreciation for it.


I will say I'm leery, though...an up-to-$650 outlay for paints I'm likely to use up more quickly is just a tiiiiiny bit imposing...that's enough to replace the caved-in bumper on my car :unsure: But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it...at the rate I'm going and the variances in appearance I try for, I'm 30-50 figures from where my existing pots start dying off left and right. Finding out about the cutoff [8 months late, s'what I get for lurking so long :blink: ] means sampling MSPs rather than buying more of a line I know I can't refill...hopefully that'll help me make up my mind.

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I would never outlay that much for paints all in one go. In fact more than once we have warned people off about just jumping in and purchasing the entire range. Really you can get by with about 20 colors including metallics. Let's you experiment and see how the paint works. Very few of us paint exclusively with a single line of paint anyway, I use Vallejo Model Color, Reaper Master Series, Reaper HD Series, as well as the occasional bottle of P3, GW and Liquitex.

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My two biggest outlays to date were ~$125 each...the night I got my Sabol carry case and a pile of new figures about 5 years back, and when my FLGS had a pretty meaty sale on pro paints and painting supplies about 2 years back...I took the opportunity to get a new stock of brushes, every useful and not already owned paint color they stocked, a fresh can of primer, and the like. I really should get off my duff and get a pin vise, a palette [now that I'm getting the hang of working with thinner paint], some putty, and basing materials...broccoli bases are great for figure to tray density, but not so great at the whole 'not falling over' thing.


The outlay for the whole line [the sets are tempting just for being 15% off when bought in bulk] is intimidating, but yeah, I'm not that dumb...I'd get a bottle here or there to shore up a gap in my current collection or replace a dead pot before committing to a brand, let alone committing that heavily.


My current stocks are a mix of GW [some of which are in the old non-flip hex pots, even] and RPP. With painting for tabletop play (and being an uncoordinated ham-fist when free-detailing), being able to be quickly recognized against other models on the table and being able to take a beating are far more important to me than how well a paint takes to the advanced techniques I'm too clumsy to use (yet -_- ). If I take any dive after the initial testing, it'll be a box set of the HDs...at about $2.50 a pop, they're in line with what I typically pay. I've got plenty of time anyway, most of my pots are still half to 3/4 full.


I've heard good things about P3, and what I've heard about Vallejo is that they're wonderful but far and above my skill level. I've seen the name Liquitex a couple times, but no opinions.


Looking over the line again, I may get my test sooner than expected. Since the last time I looked, the selection of colored metallic RMS paints has exploded, and the one I've been trying to mix is now out there.

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