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Water to Paint Ratio for MSP

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Tonight was the first time I used Reaper's Master Series Paints. In laying down a base coat, I used 1 drop of water mixed with 1 drop of paint. This gave me a consistency I was used to, but it took 4 or 5 coats to cover up the primer - something I'm not used to.


My questions are:


1. What is the water/paint ratio for MSP you typically use for base coats, blending, dry brushing.

2. Should I expect needing 4 or 5 coats to cover up the primer? Perhaps it was because I was using a dark color (Imperial Purple) on a white primer?

3. What other tips would you have for using MSP?


Thanks for your help!

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In general, I usually go 4:1 or 5:1 paint:water for basecoating, 5:2 or 3:1 for layering, and for side/drybrushing the same as a basecoat. You should expect two to three coats to cover primer. As always, though, those are rough estimates. No matter what paint you're using, you can't go wrong with Ye Olde Common Sense; if it's taking too many coats to cover add more paint, if it's too thick add water. Happy painting! ::D:

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1:1 water to paint will give you very thin paint which is perfect for shading and layering highlights but will be a little too thin to do a typical basecoat. MSP's are smooth enough that you can get away with a larger ratio of paint to water for basecoating and still end up with a smoothly applied finish after a couple of coats. The ratios ATM said are fine.


If you're looking for one or two coat coverage for basecoats with little to no thinning, grab a couple of the HD range, they're really nice paints and serve that purpose very well. I don't hesitate to recommend them for basing. Can't speak to their coverage over black however since I prime in white or zenithal white over grey. Their coverage over white is great though, nice and smooth basecoat after only a couple passes and minimal dilution, or even no dilution straight from the bottle if you can get away with it.

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