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So, I just finished the dark one of these:




They're adequate enough for table top play, which is all I really wanted. After all...it's slime. What can you do with slime?


So then...has anybody else worked on these? How'd it come out? Let's see some awesome slimes!

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Yup, dat's da bunny.


I've also had some luck tinkering with epoxies... the ochre jelly on the right was built up of leftover epoxy from various gluing jobs over several years. The final, outer coat had some red food coloring mixed in. The middle one, on the other hand, was a simple experiment in creating green slime: coat a layer of plastic with a blob of epoxy, add green turfing material, and scatter some leftover bits of weapons and equipment in it. Oh, yeah, and a RAFM shoggoth on the left.


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