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Seen at GenCon


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I got a few photos of the display case at GenCon:


New Pathfinder dragon: post-3776-13128557642964_thumb.jpg


Display bases in resin, coming Soon post-3776-13128557975991_thumb.jpg There are three, a jungle base, a ruin base, and the treasure base the dragon is on.


New Savage Worlds sculpts: post-3776-1312855947068_thumb.jpg






Not sure if this is for Savage Worlds or for Chronoscope:post-3776-1312856030341_thumb.jpg


And a very incomplete green of an ice dragon that Sandra Garrity was working on: post-3776-13128562248659_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for posting these pictures, it's great to be able to have pics to reference instead of relying on my feeble memory. And I didn't even notice the cool resin bases while at the show!

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Seen the mouselings on paizo's site (odd they didn't have any Pathfinder greens/greys ha ha).


Sweet looking stuff on everything. Nice to see the iconic samurai mini as well. What is the mini that is next to the gunslinger? Iconic Ninja?


Nice dragon, Patrick. That one will be neat to see in person.


Also any price yet on those resin bases? Those look great.



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The Dragon looked great. Was that Julie Guthrie?


The Mouselings are as cute as ever.


Patrick Keith sculpted the Pathfinder Black Dragon...and if you look closely, you can see the new Merisiel iconic sculpt (also by Pat) peeking out near the rear of the dragon. Sandy Garrity is sculpting the Ice Dragon shown in the WIP photo...but to be clear, that is not a Reaper piece. I don't know who that is for.


And yes, the iconic ninja Reiko is beside the iconic gunslinger. Those will be out Monday August 15, along with the Pathfinder Samurai and Ameiko Kaijitsu.


The Mousling Festival Boxed Set is due out in September and includes 10 Oktoberfest-style mouslings, suitable for any holiday involving drinking, music, and dancing. ::D: Look for proper greens shots "soon".



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