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Exclusive Reaper Miniature


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The Chronicles of the Void team is pleased to announce that sculpting master Kevin Williams has crafted an exclusive Chronicles of the Void miniature produced by Reaper Miniatures.




The mini is of a Javelin Mechanized Suit much like the one Kinaso Life is piloting in this pic!




How can you score this mini? Easy! If you pledge $50 or above to the Chronicles of the Void Kickstarter Project you will receive this exclusive miniature made by the legendary folks at Reaper Miniatures!


Thanks to all the Reaper staff who helped work on this project and a special thanks to Ed Pugh who made it all possible!

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My other half played at Gencon and said it was a good time!


Awesome, we had a blast running all our games at GenCon and its great to hear that the players had as much fun as we did :)


We are officially in the final 8 hours of the fundraiser, so get in now to secure your exclusive backer rewards!

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