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Roman Bust: Pleasure to paint. Hope the blindness looks creepy/real.

Roman Senator on CoolminiOrNot




Minotaur: I am very proud of the skin and zenith lighting on him. Sloppy, however. 3rd GenCon Large.

Astharon the Hungry on CoolminiOrNot




"Fresh Meat": Like it, but it's also sloppy. Reaper figures were posed (near) perfectly, but the age of the models shows. There's just not the same level of detail on old figures.

"Fresh Meat" on CoolMiniOrNot




It has been a long time since I posted anything... but I really feel like painting these days so we'll see what happens. Please vote on CMON!



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Some excellent work here! I generally look at the pics when it comes to viewing before reading the post. When I clicked the old man I said "creepy", then I read that's what you wanted. Great job on him! A lot of nice tones going on in every piece, and that Minotaur's skin is really nice! Glad you posted these up here!

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I have to admit, I looked at the first pic of the Minotaur, and then I spotted the water effect, and that's all I could focus on! My current kick is to try out a water scene, and I love what you've done in both of those. But just to confirm, yes, I totally got the blindness as well, very nicely done.



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