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GenCon report


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Just a quick report on my game experience at Gencon. Basically the game in which I played was 2 players per side each with one section of 5 CAVs. That didn't give alot of variety to the units but did allow us to really kick the tires on the new mechanics. On a side note I got to kill Ed Pugh's units which was an extra highlight ::P: .


All kidding aside it was cool to get to sit and meet Ed and John face to face and get to know them a bit. Ed and I talked shop some and it was neat to get some info about the business.


Anyway, back to CAV. Mechanically, I think we are very sound and that the community will be pleased with the results. IA attacks need a little tweaking but it has to do with the hit percentage as opposed to how often they damage so I think it is a minor fix. I threw out some ideas and John and Ed were already brainstorming so all in all I think we are in pretty good shape. It really is a nice mix of CAV1 and 2 with 2d6 instead of 1d10 which I like even though YMMV.


The good thing about the time it has taken to finalize the mechanics is that there is a large amount of background material that has been piling up so once things do start to roll we should have a fairly steady release schedule.

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