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Hmm. So for august I'm winding down my Eldar army, and winding up my Necron army (in anticipation of the new army book). I also have a Decados and Hawkwood fleet to finish for Noble Armada (to which I'll add another fleet when I scrape cash together...thinking Vuldrok or Kurgan), and we may be starting a Pathfinder campaign, so I may see a triumphant return to fantasy minis! In the meantime, here is what is on my bench:


1. Eldar Maugan Ra: 90% 99% done, just a few highlights, paint the base, clear & dullcote, and flock.

2. Eldar Jain Zair: basecoated tonight 8-13-11. Highlight done 8-14-11 and big '80s hair basecoated.

3. Eldar Bharraoh: primed 8-12-11. 1st basecoat 8-14-11

4. Eldar Avatar: must be done by Labor Day!!! Primed and "lava" channels painted. May have to use wet blending on parts :O

5. 35 Necron Warriors: already basecoated; washed tonight 8-13-11. Finished 10 except basing 8-14-11.

6. 3 Necron Pariahs: basecoated and washed 8-13-11.



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Well, let's see...


1. prep and prime minis for my paint-and-take at Recruits, http://recruits.mtswebsites.com/, and I invite y'all to come down for it.


2. jump back on the 18 minis in 24 days wagon http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42841-18-minis-24-days/


3. finish my summer contest entry

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For some reason, I'm on a big western kick. The fact that the Savage Worlds minis keep coming out seems to be fueling this... now I'm waiting for my next package from Reaper...

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After screwing up 3 successive reworkings of skin tone...a trip from Oompa Loompa Orange to Albino Gray to Jaundice Yellow to Fresh Road-Apple (in a quest for Mediterranean Olive), I'm debating whether or not to dip that chain fighter, relegate it to the wall of shame for a few months, or just push out sloppy work to be done with it. I've had a love-hate relationship with it for a couple months now, and I'm getting sick of looking at it. A shame too, as it's the best eye job I've ever done.


After that is my crossbowman-turned-rifleman, the ferryman of the dead, and if I have any cash to spare an experiment or two into basing and/or making armor really stand out through creative application of clear. There was a really cool tutorial on running water hiding somewhere, I may try to do that under Charon's boat if I'm feeling really, really inspired. If I can't afford to play with basing, I may just screw up a mini or two playing with thinned paint in the name of learning a little bit about washing and glazing. Regardless, I've got my fingers crossed that I'll have the cash to get a new set of brushes, find a basing style that works, and start back into the hobby proper sometime before Thanksgiving. I really want to field a CAV at the next local Battletech Grand Melee, just to see how many heads turn :upside:.


Edit: Screw it. Chain fighter's on the wall of shame. Got more done on the hacked-up dwarf in half an hour than I have in weeks on the other one.

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