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Another query. Mr. Weibe very consistently sports a jaunty olive in his sculpts. Does anyone know if this is simply a more yellow:blue ratio of the Stuff, or another material entirely?


Many thanks.




I'm pretty sure he uses aves pink apoxie mixed with kneadatite. makes a harder sandable and machinable final piece. ;)

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...brownstuff, also known as...?

Kneadatite Brown/Neutral found HERE.


If you go way back, it was referred to as "Gas Tank Repair Kit", but that was in Ye' Olden Days of Sculpting. :rolleyes::poke:




Ah, the "Gas Tank Repair Kit" gambit! Tricksy. I will give it a try on my tester sculpt. This one may even survive with all its limbs attached!


Thank you for the assist.

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