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Most of these are the resin one made by Ravenstar Studio, not the original X-Treme Hobby metal ships. I only managed to get the two Ba'Negva frigates (the one on shorter flight stands) before they stopped production. The resin battleship is amazingly light, though I do need to put together some wider bases to prevent accidental tipping. Speaking of bases, those are Litko flight stands with Ninja Magic magnetic adapters.


As far as size, IIRC the battleship is around four inches long. They're definitely larger than the ships made by GZG or Brigade Models, but smaller than BF Gothic ships. The cruisers on the flanks are probably about three inches.


Bikerdrew, the color scheme is kind of an anime-ish interpretation of a sunset I had the pleasure of seeing one evening whilst I was deciding to paint the first models. Unfortunately the orange I was using has horrible coverage and made the painting less than as enjoyable as it could have been. I will say that even with that, these paint up easy. I imagine that if you use a simpler scheme you could get the same number of ships done in a couple weekends.

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