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Air Elemental


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A few weeks ago I picked up a bunch of miniatures off of ebay and most were good deals like this old pre-plastic wizards of the coast Air Elemental (those of you familiar with the Conquest of Norath board game may recognize this miniature).





I wanted it to look different which is why I went with layering various colors together, which gives it a stormy look.


I did mess up on the leaves though, just the other day I noticed that they tend to be lighter on one side and the veins are lighter as well.

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I think that looks really fantastic! Great work on a real tornado look. The swirling leaves are a fantastic touch!


The only thing that would add more atmosphere is perhaps a line of churned-up turf that indicates the tornado's track along the ground. That's kind of hard to do well on such a small base, though, and that's just an idea, and in no way a criticism of what you've got there.


Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks everyone. It only looks this good because of some great recommendations over in the WIP thread.


Ya the base is small, 40mm, but the original was 25mm and I don't even know how they expected this top heavy of piece to stand with just that. I was thinking of adding a dust cloud but didn't think it would look good, but didn't think of churned earth, that wouldn't have been hard but might not have been noticeablele.

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