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Local Shop Paint Contest Entry


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As usual, Camera-Fu not so good. Need to work on lighting and making my own light box. I tried some new techniques, new for me, on this one. Including much more thinning of paint and attempt at layering. NMM is non-existent, but I'm going to do my first try at it on the SodaPop Miniatures Super Dungeon Explore Dwarf soon, but I digress. Overall, I'm pleased with the end result. This is honestly one of the better if not best paint jobs I have done and I haven't painted in over a year, have crappy brushes, and all other manner of excuses. I do appreciate constructive criticism. Oh, and the silver didn't come out exactly how I wanted, but I used the Aluminum polishing powder from My link I think if I had more surface and laid down a base coat of mithril silver or even gray with an AirBrush, it would have come out a tad better. Thanks for looking.

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Not too bad man. Love this sculpt. Base work looks good and I like the freehand on the shield.


Photo makes it hard to see details...


What do you think of that Finecast Resin?




Base is MicroArt Studios, can't take credit for that. Batteries dies on the camera and it's fickle about the Macro and Super Macro setting, I've only been able to get it into SM once. I'll try to get a more proper picture soon. Regards to Finecast: I like the fact that there was much Fiddly-bits, even though my skill can't do them much justice. This model had less junk to clean off, i.e. flash, mold lines, so it was the closest thing I've purchased from GW that was almost ready to paint without any prep work. Not too pleased with the $17 price tag on it either. But, I had to buy a new fig from the shop for my entry and wanted to try Finecast out. If anyone is interested at my store, I'll sell it to 'em too. So, hopefully recoup my initial outlay.

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Slightly better camera-fu...I think.










Ooh, the camera does not help me with confidence. Either way, I'm putting him in the comp. There was some particles of dust or something on the cloak, which I have brushed off, and these pics show me how globby my armor really is. As mentioned above, I'm going to attempt NMM soon. After I read up some more on theory of NMM.

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