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Help! I forgot the arm!

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Hi guys,

Well crud! I pulled out a figure I traded for at the boneyard at reapercon 2011 and I for got to get the left arm to glue in to make the figure complete. It is figure 02914, Blue orchid assassin. Could someone please put the arm in an envelope and send it to me. (I will shower you with more donuts ReaperBryan at Con 2012!) You guys can reach me if you want at,

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removed address for privacy...please contact [email protected]
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I have the same problem with a small number of pieces that were either not stocked correctly, weren't there, etc. I emailed customer service and unfortunately they said they couldn't help me out with boneyard issues directly. I've got a ton of melt on my ticket so it's a little frustrating that I can't use it from a distance to get those few parts.


I'm glad they let us trade things in at all so I'm not going to whine too much.

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Did that with the Jabberwocky mini this year. I didn't get it's neck. A easy order along with some other bits from Reaper & I had my missing parts & even a mini I thought I didn't have (eh, more melt for next year) & I'm happy.



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