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Knocking the Dust Off the Brushes


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So after months of not painting I am knocking the paint off the brushes with a Tre Manor mini. I am pretty proud of the leather, although I think the blue cloth needs some tweaking, it is too shiny for my tastes. The leather surcoat and blue vloth between his legs are the only parts that are done so far.


I have a commision to do for charity that I need to work on, but wanted to paint a practice miniature first before I painted the commision to get back in the swing of things.


Anyway, let me know what you think.



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The complement to that blue would be a nice yellowy orange so a dust effect based on an ochre brown would help to actually darken and shade that blue hue. Some ochre brown glazes applied very thinly then lighter towards the bottom of the cloth would give you a combo of adding some additional interest and toning down the overall shiny with one fell swoop. (it would subdue the highlights and perhaps balance them? I think it looks great at this point as far as the blending goes, but I see what you're concerned about with the shiny)


That color choice would really darken those shaded folds though so I'd say keep that in mind if you don't want to shade them any more, which may actually make the contrasty/shiny effect even more pronounced, who is to say.


That's just something I learned about at the end of last year and it's really been a fun idea, playing around with the complement of the color you're altering by shading with it. Really deepens shadows though gotta watch for that if you don't want them to lose their "life" and go overly towards black.

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This is going to be epic. I love the blue tabard.


Epic eh? Not heard my painting called that before :lol:


Glad you like the tabard...I am trying to push the contrast up a notch on this one as that is usually the most common critique of my work is that there is not enough contrast.

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