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Minotaur, EFS mini


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Yeesh, it's been too long...It's been a long summer, but I did manage to get this one done. I had fun with the blacks; first time I've done a warmer black, highlighting with Russet Brown and Driftwood Brown instead of the usual shades of gray. The metallics were done with my standard "shaded" technique. He's not sealed yet, so if you have any last minute suggestions, hit me with 'em--big or small I want to hear them!



Edit: I've reposted the pic after highlighting the face a bit stronger and painted some Driftwood Brown with a Clear Red glaze in the nostrils. It breaks up the black much better--thank you Midnight Lurker!

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Nice work Dude!


Nice blends and contrast in the skintones, and you did a great job on the blends merging his dark lower half with his torso!


I vote for a few glazes of red or pink around the nostrils, mouth and eyes. It would bring them out more and give them a fleshy look, and generally help to draw focus to the face.


Beauty stuff...



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Thanks everyone!

@Thaelynn and Inarah--glad you like him!

@Merc--steal away; I've been wanting to play around with some alternative highlighting schemes for black besides Cloudy/Rainy/Misty Gray and white. The sculpt definitely has an "old school" vibe to it, which is characteristic of many of the EFS sculpts.

@Darkstar--Glad you like the skin tone choice; Angel Giraldez used something similar on a mini and I really liked it. I wanted to see if I could apply it to this model, but I was a little worried when one of my friends called it "two tone" and I had this image of a '70's Chevette pop into my head ::P:

@ML and Jay--great idea to help break up the black. I'll be taking him back to the bench and see what I can do to add a bit more visual interest. Thank you!!

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@Jay--thanks man!

@DE--it's been nice seeing you paint again as well, Sam. Regarding the axe, I was shooting for a worn, older axe head. Not rusty and poorly cared for, just something that had been used frequently and was dirty and well used, with pits and dings here and there. I was also trying to push the ends of the contrast spectrum with both bright reflectivity as well as very matte blacks. I tried to have some areas of rapid transition to help accentuate the "metallic" look so that it looks the same as you move it around in hand and the darker areas don't reflect light as you turn it in the light. The metallic paint helps with that too :lol:. Thank you for the comment!

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