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If you're willing to pay then Miniature Giant has them. They have both Echidox and Platypod. Frumitty is still available and if Reaper does the same thing they've done with the others there will be about a 1 week overlap when it's still available and Shoatima comes out so you can get both of them in the same order.

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you name the type of cookies, i will make the heck out of them. whatever it takes... i can not find the echidnox miniature from legion of justice and caeke "Don't look at me. It's how hedgehogs spell "cake"." this miniature is awesome and i want to play a hedgehog in something. i made a hedgehog miniature for an eidolon once... not nearly as cool as this mini. pretty pretty please can this set be made as bones minis perhaps? any possible way for them to be re-made? for serious.... cookies man. cookies.

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