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If you're willing to pay then Miniature Giant has them. They have both Echidox and Platypod. Frumitty is still available and if Reaper does the same thing they've done with the others there will be about a 1 week overlap when it's still available and Shoatima comes out so you can get both of them in the same order.

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you name the type of cookies, i will make the heck out of them. whatever it takes... i can not find the echidnox miniature from legion of justice and caeke "Don't look at me. It's how hedgehogs spell "cake"." this miniature is awesome and i want to play a hedgehog in something. i made a hedgehog miniature for an eidolon once... not nearly as cool as this mini. pretty pretty please can this set be made as bones minis perhaps? any possible way for them to be re-made? for serious.... cookies man. cookies.

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The Bellevue location of this place: http://dlair.net/contact-us/ had two of them. I say had, because I saw them there on one of the last few days they were open (a month or two ago), and now they've closed for good. But they have other locations, and someone there might know what happened to those ones?


Not the best lead ever, I know. :unsure:

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Your tags are hilarious :lol:


Seriously though, I feel your pain. I would have the little guy if it wasn't for my awesome husband (who ordered me something at the right time during the 12 days of reaper). I Hope you get one.

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    • By Kangaroorex
      well I finally worked up the nerve to paint one of my cuter sets.  These have been waiting with primer on them for a Loooong time.  It took a great deal of effort to put brush to mini on these because i want them to come out right.  eventually they will be incorporated into a base with holes for them to set in, I just haven't given a long enough thought to what it will be.  I am considering a forest seen with the Dragon Elder from Ral Partha but I haven't decided yet.
      I did decide that Frummity looked better as a red squirrel than Lemur so Squirrel it is!
      I hope everyone enjoys these!

    • By Rob Dean
      Two more members of my B&B war band...
    • By Cyradis
      This little guy is going to a friend. The example on the Dark Sword website has his hat as a weird helmet and the dagger as metal. I saw the hat as a silly hat, and the dagger as a pair of porcupine quills. 
      I attempted to get the fur/prickles roughly accurate for a hedgehog, which means that the back has really severe shading - the base is dark on their prickles, but with pale tips. I also freehanded a little slogan on the hat strap. 
      Oh! And his knapsack strap only extends across his front. No cloak for it to be under in the back.... and there was no strap. So I attempted to green-stuff a back strap for his bags so that it made sense. 
      He was fun and cute. 

    • By Sirithiliel
      Because why not. I am trying to work on small minis and this is the smallest I have.
      based on a penny

    • By tiniest rhombus
      Legion of Justice and Caeke
      Shoatima 01429, Frumitty 01428, Platypod 01427, Echidnox 01424,
      The Baddies
      Spikeshell 77270, Frogmen 03146
      All the figures were sculpted by the wonderful Jason Wiebe. Except teh Caeke, that was sculpted by me. Yes it's huge, we'll call it hooman sized. :-)
      Please forgive the edges of the background. I will retake pics once my photo backdrop gets here but these will do for now. The WIP can be found here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62120-tiniest-paints-caeke/

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