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Need help with a vase


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I've got this vase on a base that I'm trying to paint and I've kind of painted myself into a hole and not sure what to do, probably going to involve starting over.


It's not really a vase, it's a potion from something I was instamolding that came out wrong, kind of caved-in, that I thought would work well on a ruin base. I really don't know what to do with it and it's driving me crazy. So suggestions are welcome.



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Ya, I just needed to step away from that for a while and of course Inarah is right--but when you've been aimlessly working on something that's, well, not working it hard to step back and go back to the basics.


I don't really have the option to add more clutter since this is a gaming piece and the open space is for the character's familiar, which attaches to the base via magnets:




I'll just have to come back to the vase the next time I have to paint and start over. I was trying to over complicate it with patterns and stuff.

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