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03419: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin


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I started this guy back in April as a colour-scheme test model for my still mostly hypothetical Protectorate of Menoth army. I got about as far as a Blackened Brown undercoat on the bits that I intended to paint red. Then I got distracted by little things like defending my PhD thesis and looking for work, and nothing much happened until last Thursday, when I picked up my brush again.


post-5715-13146759565796_thumb.jpg post-5715-13146759660087_thumb.jpg


I'm quite pleased with the armour and especially the metallics. The sword was a bit tough to photograph, but I think this gives the right idea. The skin seemed like a better idea in my head than it turned out to be on the model, but it's not bad either.


post-5715-13146760860443_thumb.jpg post-5715-13146760930724_thumb.jpg


I'm not entirely happy with the wolf pelt; I was going for a red wolf but ran out of patience. There's something about it that almost clicks with the rest of the colour scheme, but doesn't quite work out. The "battle damage" on the armour worked out okay; the scuffs on the shield just look kind of silly. They're kind-of recognizable in hand, where the metallic dots actually reflect light, but in the photos it just looks odd. I think part of the problem is too much contrast over the freehand.




The sword, alas, is not long for this world. Over its purgatory (and while I was painting it; eep!) this mini suffered a few unplanned vertical excursions, and I wasn't able to drill the pin all the way up into the thick part of the blade whilst assembling it. So the sword's been bent back and forth quite a bit around the fulcrum of the pin's tip, and it's really only a matter of time before metal fatigue triumphs over optimism. I think I'm going to have to replace it -- which is a shame, because the blade is some of the best glazed-metallic work I've done yet. The rest of the figure... well, it's nice to know I haven't completely lost my touch, and I expect to improve quickly to my previous level.


It's good to be back. C&C very much appreciated.

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I'm surprsied I'm the first to comment... Anyway I agree with some of your assesments. The wolf pelt is kind of lacking, and I don't dig the skin. I'm not saying I can do any better, and I know what you were going for, unfortunately, you being better than me, not sure I could tell you how to fix it. I think the battle damage on the shield actually looks pretty good. I think its believable as battle damage. The sword is great, and I really hope your able to save it, if not its understandable. Love your work, keep it up ::D: .

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The red cloth looks great! Nice work. Red can be a tricky color to paint.

The silver Metallic has more depth than the gold.

Try thinning a bit more for the metallics. You can also use non metallic paint in the shadows to help make the shadowed part look shadowed and the shiny part in turn will look brighter. For the golds you can use browns and purples in the shadow, and for silvers blue and brown.

I think the skin idea is cool the reason I think it looks off is that the armor is so close in color.

Keep it up though it is looking good:)

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Looking good. Everyone else has already pointed out what needs work. My only addition is yoou could try a green or purple glaze to tint the skin in either direction a bit more and It might pull things together a bit more. Glad to see you painting again.


So a Phd eh... what field and congrats. My wife just completed her masters in Bio Chem.

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Thanks, folks!


Fruggs: Which metallic bits in particular strike you as un-thinned? I'm near the point with the brass where thinning any further just breaks down the pigment/medium too much and leaves me with occasional sparkles in a sea of brown (though I haven't tried adding matte medium to it yet -- I've been fighting this bottle of paint for years now). The steel has more depth because I shaded it with blue liner (though not the damage...), whereas I just slapped some VMC Smoke on the brass and called it a day. I should give red liner a shot on that.


Shortbeard: Glazing the skin isn't a bad idea at all, though I think I should've tried it earlier in the process. PhD's in computing science -- graphics, specifically -- and thanks. ::):

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