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Legend of the five rings mini with broken sword


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So I have an old Legend of the 5 Rings mini that I accidentally broke while moving furniture. The mini belongs to my brother-in-law and while he isn't exactly attached to it; I would like to repair and fix it for him (and maybe give him some paint). The mini is Yojito. The metal got twisted when it broke off. What is the best way to re-attach the blade of the sword? Pinning? Green Stuff?


He should looks like this:



But right now looks like this:


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Another possibility would be to sink a long pin into his hand, then sculpt a new blade around the pin. Getting a pinhole properly lined up and sufficiently deep into the broken-off blade might be tricky, but a new blade should be pretty straightforward to sculpt. I suppose you could even make the pin itself the blade by flattening the exposed part with a hammer before you glue it into the pinhole.

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