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hi all,


A while back I posted the finished worldeaters dreadnaught and finally finished a set of five terminators using the same color scheme. Here is the original post since the methods were basically the same.



I will see about individual photos soon but for now, here is the family shot. I used an old blue pillow cover for the background, something I have not done in years, so they look like some of my early work, except cleaner. The inks and metallics have been fun to use, but I still have a set of ten bezerkers to finish before the army is done. I think I will paint something other than red then.









click on the thumbnail for a bigger shot


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Here is a very basic start to the berzerkers to show how they look at the beginning. They are primed black, then zenith primed from above with red primer (Army Painter). The metal parts are done first in RMS Ancient Bronze. Gold is given a glaze of Liquitex inks: burnt umber + raw umber + a touch of deep turquoise + matte medium. The other metal is glazed with turquoise + burnt umber + matte medium. The red are shaded down with washes of crimson+deep turquoise ink + matte medium to make the shadows. Highlights are thin layers of crimson ink mixed with a touch of Vallejo Game Color hot orange. Edges are plain hot orange, for now. These guys will not have the detail of the terminators but need to have the same basic look.


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And the next steps - metallics


All metals are done in thin layers, painted in multiple strokes, so the base color shows through.


gold highlighted all over with polished gold and edges with silver, then light glaze of burnt umber ink.


metal backpack highlighter with bronze + silver, with edges in silver. It could use some extra burnt umber ink in some places.


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Berzerkers complete. This was a very long commission but it is now done.


I really stopped painting since around the middle of the last decade (the millennial decade or whatever it is called), and only did a few things here and there as I kept getting headaches and eye twitch and could not figure out why. Turns out it was old age and my eyes going. Luckily I dug out and old magnifier desk lamp this year and I can see again and actually paint details. I would not have been able to do this much painting without it (upwards of 130-140 hours), and for any of those folks out there getting into middle-age I would definitely recommend trying out a magnifier. Three cheers for no headaches. Maybe now I can try some sculpting again too, something I started up when the eyes were already going.


Anyhow, here are the berzerkers.



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