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60034: Seoni, Original Version


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Just finished this one up for the same D&D campaign as Nayl. Seoni's going to represent Shawna, a lawful good Invoker of Bahamut who happens to be a defence lawyer. In this campaign, Bahamut doesn't exist, and his "Justice" portfolio has transferred to Asmodeus. Exciting times.


post-5715-13156078237827_thumb.jpg post-5715-1315607841795_thumb.jpg post-5715-13156078481945_thumb.jpg


I think this is the best "human-sized" mini I've painted to date. The gradient on the dress, the skintones, and the metallics are about as good as I've been able to manage. This is also the first time I've been able to paint proper eyes (iris+retina, eyeshadow, eyebrows) and reasonable hair highlights. Obviously I have plenty of room for improvement on both, but it's a step change in the right direction.


post-5715-13156080419148_thumb.jpg post-5715-13156080482133_thumb.jpg post-5715-131560805464_thumb.jpg


The figure itself was a bit of a pain to work with -- mould lines in hard-to-reach places, and a big void on the back of the dress. One area I need to improve in model prep is getting rid of mould lines in areas of fine, small-scale detail.


C&C very much appreciated.

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Thanks folks!


Fruggs: I basecoated with khaki highlight, then applied a controlled wash of VMC Smoke (which'd been sitting on my wet palette for a few days and was pretty heavily thinned). I went back over the hair bundles with a mix of khaki highlight, linen white, and a tiny bit of Smoke, and then added pure white in a couple of increments for the highlights.


Mercius: Honestly, she wasn't all that tough to paint. Jolie was worse. pLylyth was much, much worse. In particular, Seoni's eyes are huge and easy to get at. There's not much that's awkward on this mini.

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Thanks folks. I delivered Seoni to her player tonight and she was very well-received -- people kept picking her (and Nayl) up off the battle grid and scrutinizing them, so I'll take it as a compliment. Got a couple more PC mini "commissions" on the workbench for next week; the best thing is that they pay me in beer. ::):

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