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Krissy Modern Witch and Aramil Elf Wizard


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Finally got off my duff and finished painting a few :-)


First Krissy, painted for a friend at work. I am very happy with her stockings, a new first for me.





I have also finished Aramil twice, the one with the glass for a friend and the one with the staff for myself. My friend wanted a "Pretty fly for a white guy" color scheme. I admit I scratched my head at that one :blink: , hope he is happy with it.





Constructive critique always welcome :-)

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Thanks all!


The recipe for the stockings were as follows, using Reaper Master paints:


Skin color for the mini was the rosy skin triad.

I painted the stockings tanned skin, black wash over the that, then layered tanned skin in the spots were the skin was visible, with tanned highlights at the lightest spots. It was much easier do to than I had feared.

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