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14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister


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Keeping an eye on this mini.

Highlights are pretty clean-looking so far. That's a plus.

You mentioned digital highlighting. Are you "pre-painting" on the computer just to get a feel for color selection?


I did a rough slap-dash mock-up in Photoshop of what i thought i'd like for her basic colors, but i didn't go so far as to actually highlight anything (though TaleSpinner suggested i make a tutorial for those who are interested in using Photoshop to plan out colors)~ ^_____^ I do a lot of digital painting actually, and the technique i'm using for this mini is almost exactly how i tend to paint digitally. There's been some very nice carryover for me~

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Oh my gosh! I'm done with the hair! I'm so excited! >w<


Since I last posted I've done this with each highlight layer:


H4: Ghost White

H5: 2/3 Ghost White, 1/3 Pure White

H6: 1/3 Ghost White, 2/3 Pure White

A Ghost White glaze to bring up some of the shadows a bit (they were looking too dark for my tastes~)

H7: Pure White


All in all, I'm very happy with how the hair turned out~ And i'm very excited to get working on a new bit of her today! ^______^


Also, looks like I'm gonna have to get my butt moving on that tutorial! I never expected such a huge response~ ^////^

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I've been working on the skin, and while I'm not as plesed with it as i am the hair, i still think it's looking pretty nice~ I've still got a few spots to touch up and some makeup to add, but she's getting there~


For skin I've done:


A wash of brown liner

H1: Tanned Shadow

H2: Tanned Skin

H3: Tanned Highlight

And her lipstick is an unknowable mixture of Tanned Highlight/Tanned Skin/Porcelain Rose/Blushing Rose~


I seem to get incredibly nitpicky the smaller an area is. I spent at least 15 minutes trying to get her lips done to my satisfaction~ >______<

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