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Cobb Blackbadger, Dwarf Miner


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Cobb is joining my Fulumbar and Halbarad in my small but growing collection of painted Reaper minis(I have too many unpainted ones to think about!).


At first I leaned towards replacing the giant shield with something that didn't conceal so much of the mini but in the end I decided I liked the unique look it gave him(and I would have felt guilty deviating from the great vision of the likes of Jason Wiebe).

I hope you like him...





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always love a Wiebe dwarf!

Same here. Recently I've moved beyond just painting Privateer Press stuff to Reaper and other fantasy minis. I've noticed that a lot of the dwarves(such as by Red Box, Hasselfree, Valiant) are a lot smaller than Reaper's...I much prefer the bigger ones(especially for painting faces!!!).

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