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PIP81034: Draegyn


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This is the fourth PC mini in my Yet Another D&D Party (previously here, here, and here). The figure is perfect for the character, but damned if it isn't a tiny little fiddly critter to get blends on. Hence, the metallics kind of suck. Not really sure what went wrong there; I did them the same way as on Goldar, but obviously less surface area makes it harder to work in smooth blends. Maybe two-brush blending would be easier than layering in tight quarters?


post-5715-13162159211994_thumb.jpg post-5715-13162159285433_thumb.jpg post-5715-13162159331064_thumb.jpg


I'm pleased with the contrast I was able to establish on the face, and in general with the tones I got out of all of the leather and cloth. The hair is okay -- better than most of what I've done, but not as good as Seoni's. The freehanded symbol of the Raven Queen on the back fits with what the player wanted; if I was doing this entirely for myself I'm not sure whether I would emphasize it more or not. The left hand needs some cleanup.


post-5715-13162161121091_thumb.jpg post-5715-13162161202874_thumb.jpg


One thing I noticed while working on this guy is that I'm a lot more confident in my brush control than I used to be. I ended up repainting a lot of the cloth and straps several times, working around areas that I'd already finished, and didn't feel particularly nervous about it. (I didn't screw up all that often, either. ::):)


No WIP this time. C&C appreciated.

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Thanks folks! Jen: Yeah, the coat isn't my best work. I probably should have tried two-brush blending with a thicker (more matte medium, not more pigment) mix of paints, but it was one of the last things I did and I was eager to get it done. Fortunately it's not too noticeable in hand.

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