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Question about a Pathfinder Mini: 60996 Radovan


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I believe the Pathfinder minis were done by a different company before Reaper took over. It may be that you have one from then. It's entirely possible that I'm totally wrong though, but I'm sure Haldir or one of the others will be along shortly to straighten it out if I am. I'd be interested to see pics if you get a chance.

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& here I am!!!


While I'm not 100% sure on this but I think this is or was the 2011 Gen Con Paizo/Reaper mini. Last year they did Radovan's boss & traveling companionPaizo.com Count Varian Jeggare.


Pretty sure you'll only be able to get it through Paizo now. That is how I get mine when Paizo get supplies in. It's a Reaper just not sold by Reaper.


(also for history sake, Crocodile Games was the metal producer for Pathfinder minis before Reaper took over. You can see all of their sculpts in the current offerings that Reaper has made, most noticeably by the Croc name on the slot tab).


Radovan isn't a elf, he is a hellspawn (or tiefling if you still call them that) that can transform into more of a devil when he is angry or injured, think the Hulk.


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