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VSF Walking Trains

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Ok, so I've got a late 1800s Confederacy army that assumes the C.S.A. managed to survive at least that long. I've decided to pretty much go straight Deadlands with it.


To that end, I've made a couple walking locomotives with steam-driven cannon.






However, I'm completely blanking on how to paint these. My original idea was to paint them as worn black steel, but when I go to put paint on the brush I lose the mental connection from the paint to the finished product.


Anyone else have suggestions?

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Holy cow, this is the coolest thing I've seen all day, and that's saying something since I surround myself with awesome.


Don't suppose we could get a rundown on what you made these out of?


Also, have you ever read any Cherie Priest? These bring her books to mind.

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Froggy, I'm just now seeing this. This is wicked cool. I have to ask though, what are the components for the boiler-section of the front of the train? The legs look like GW Imperial Guard Walker parts, but the front looks like a can of some sort.


Many thanks for the inspiring conversion work!

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I'm kinda partial to some sort of patchwork, personally, for an exaggerated run-down steampunk look. Double bonus if one looks like a dinged, corroded deathtrap that's seen a lot of life experience, so to speak.


Drat, you're giving me ideas now. Do you have a full parts list and anything that can be used for a size reference? I might make my own, rather than competing against some of the other good ideas here...

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Froggy, since I'm otherwise useless, and the "rusted" idea came up, my family and I went to the railway museum in Illinois, and here is a shot of one of the older rusty ones I took pictures of. I nice blue-black with some rust :)




Hope this helps with an idea or three.



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