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Nicodem and...Zombies


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crooked men


group shot


Nicodem I was pretty happy with til I sealed him. Deep somber colors. Check. Actual contrasts on the leathers. Check. Metallics done neatly with little correction needed. Check. Even made progress on painting feathers, which with leather has been the bane of my existence. Then two things happened. First, I got him sealed and realized that I forgot to do the band on his top hat. :blink: Then I realized that I hadn't let the gloss varnish dry completely before applying matte. :wacko: Oh well, I had to re-seal him, so maybe that might fix it... NOT! :angry: After snapping the pics, the rear view is horribly mutilated by the varnish issue, but isn't noticeable in person. Oh, and I wish I'd blacklined the band on the top hat before sealing that- the camera really picked that up.


The zombified population (a sampling in the group shot) was done doing a variation on zenithal glazing technique as described by Ghool here. I got 16 minis done with about 24 to 30 (lost track at some point) total work, from blisters to based. the results are kinda mixed0 obviously, deep bonnets aren't really meant for sucha technique, even adapting it to my needs.


Overall, I'm satisfied with the crew's look. very decayed, abused, used, and recycled- just how the old man rolls. now if I can just get a game of Malifaux and run them... :devil:

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Glad y'all liked it. I'm putting together a better photo setup this week, I'll try to get better pictures and more of them.


@Bedlam, he's a tricky wodel, so much so that I tore up the vulture arm setting up to pin him. The upper arm is mostly putty work. On the other hand, I found the old man a joy to paint. The longcoat has enough creases to warrant attention but isn't terribly fiddly (imo anyway) and the model suggests enough shadow to warrant some cool shading oppurtunities. If I ever get the chance, I'd love to do him in a deep red (say the Blood Red trio).

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The upper arm is mostly putty work. On the other hand, I found the old man a joy to paint.


My thoughts exactly... and my experience, exactly. I wound up using the arm to make a separate vulture model. My Nicodem is holding a lantern with that arm (using an arm scavenged from another figure, and a hand from Reaper's ... um... either not-Sherlock Holmes or not-Doctor Watson, whichever had the spare hand holding the lantern...)

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