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Yay! I'm getting (slightly) better...


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OK, I've had a few months now of practice (and also some break time in between to forget what I learned.)


As you can see from the images attached, I'm slightly getting better: the warrior lady and sorceress are OK. The sorceress has a ton of mistake ranging from bad eyes and hair to a pretty gross looking robe color.


The green haired elf guy came out better, although my attempts to make his base look snowy didn't come out great, but the eyes turned out not too awful.


The drow would be better if the purple wasn't so dark (and dusty), but came out pretty good.


I can honestly say now that I have NO IDEA how people paint some of the super detailed eyes. I've decided that those people must only be about 12 inches tall themselves or something. My current WIP I tried so many times to get the eyes right that I basically shellacked the mini's face and had to clean layer after layer of paint off so I can start again. *sigh*


But hey, it's fun right. :)






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Nice work. It looks like you've got good brush control. Everything appears pretty clean. That rat in the background looks particularly good.


It looks like you are ready to ramp up the highlights and the shadows in your technique. Tons of ways to do this (glazes, layering, washes, etc.) and tons of tutorials as well. Happy Painting!

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What they said. For what it's worth, you have the right idea on eyes -- you're getting good expressions on your faces, and are working on each one until you get something good rather than giving up. A lot of what's required for super-detailed eyes is "just" lots of practice and an instinctive familiarity with how your paints and brushes behave.


I agree with kanli: You have good enough brush control to start working on blending and more dramatic shading. That'll do a lot for the overall look of your minis, and I think you'll be surprised by how easy it is to pull off. Good luck, and keep it up!

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