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Who can tell me about this?


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Well, let's see. CAV is a game of giant robot or "mecha" combat. While it's similarity to those other "mecha" games the big difference is:

1) the CAV or robots are much better looking than any I've seen.

2) the games are much faster paced and the action comes from unexpected directions at times.

3) the support of this game is unmatched by any other company that I've seen. Not only do the Reaper peeps read the boards they pay attention and even ask the palyers question.

4) IT Rocks!!! :P

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first off, I'd recommend you download a set of rules from the Main page, but with this week's changes I'm going to say get it from Mil-Net.


reading over that is a lot easier than trying to explain everything.


CAV works on the Damage Track System™. Basically it boils down to the more damaged you are, the less effective you are.


Everything is opposed d10 rolls. Roll your die, add your modifiers, compare with the opponents rolled die and modifiers and the difference has a result.


The game is simple enough to learn in about fifteen minutes. I use that fact when I demo, almost everyone is willing to blow 15 minutes.


The beauty is how simple the basic rules are and yet when you add in the whole book how challenging and interesting it stays. I have never felt bogged down with rules or in over my head.


Each model has a stock number of points. Modifications cost points, either increasing or decreasing that model's value. A section is usually four CAV. Based on the scenario you'd have forces of various point values, for example the Warmaster is 1750 points. Generally every 1000 points equates to an hour of game time.


you are asking a very broad question, I'd say find a demo game, I know you have awesome Black Lightning Reps in your area, and they happen to be hosting several out of town reps next weekend at UNY-Con in Rochester. Demos are being played in nearly every time slot. I'd be happy to walk you through one then.

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I hate to butt it but it does need to be cleared up that these are not big robots, they are piloted machines. Just like our boys in Iraq flying those F18's, there is a pilot and a weapons officer making the decisions from the cockpit. While alot of people skip over the human factor of being in one of these machines when it goes down, our local campaign has made it a reality, by placing the single figure crews on the ground when they go down. If you don't take the field you lose your crew as prisioners of war, and replacements of veteran crews is not easy!


Yes the basic game is easy to learn and from there you can add any level of complexity to make it more interesting. I highly recommend at least playing in a demo, because the basics of CAV are carrying over into the future release of WARLORD which is based more on the fantasy that you already love so dearly. Here again you can take the basics of the game and add any level of complexity to make it more interesting. The guys here are hooked on WARLORD done dungeon style like we did at Gencon 2003.

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