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Eldritch head


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I've been in a bit of a rut this past week and a half, trying to get some motivation for painting stuff. So I clipped this guy off of the GW Chaos Spawn sprue, mounted it on a chunk of cork on a penny, cranked the iPod over to Skinny Puppy, and well....


post-5715-13184055591445.jpg post-5715-13184055655223.jpg


I'm sure I'll be able to use it for something. Who doesn't need a little head every now and then? Erm....


post-5715-13184056521485.jpg post-5715-13184056631659.jpg


I think I might have a whole 45 minutes in this guy. Fun, though! A nice change of pace. C&C welcome.

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Thanks folks. EldarCorsair, I may have misled you by taking photos before the base was fully dry... but in any case I started with Uniform Brown, mixed in some Blue Liner for shadows (and finished up the shading with small amounts of pure Blue Liner), highlighted roughly with Tanned Leather, and wetbrushed on some Tanned Leather/Khaki Highlight mix. I think the dominant mid-tone browns give it a muddy sort of look and texture, which no doubt contributes to the slimy look you noticed.


I have a lot of other bits and bobs that came on the Chaos Spawn sprue (not to mention a few Reaper monster-parts packs); I'm tempted to kitbash a few horrors together and paint them up too.

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