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"Lady Andaisin, I presume?"

Very nice! I like the interplay of the blues and greens. Good smooth blends, too, good texture on the hair, along with that nice sheen-effect on the blade of the scythe.


I would like the see the highlights go a bit higher on her sleeves and shoulders (feathers?) and hair -- to draw the eye up, and make a little more differentiation between these areas and other parts of the figure (such as the big sweeps of the cloak).

Is that some green or blue that I see on the base? If so, good -- but it could be a little stronger, like dapples of pale green lichen.

The blue wood for the scythe handle looks a little too vivid to me, as it's overlapping with the colors of the other things. I might have grayed it back a bit more.

The value of the background is good for showing off your lights and darks, but the diagonal texture (fabric?) is a little distracting.


I look forward to seeing it in person next week!



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