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"Updated" Princess Bride cast

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Hmmm. I hope they do it right. I wonder who will play the giant.



This the original cast back together again for this photo shoot. I don't think they are remaking the film. Note that Andre & Peter Faulk are deceased so that is why there is the pictures of them.


Out of the main characters, Fred Savage is not in the pic (he played the grandson of course). Heck, even a R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size) made it!! ha ha


A friend of mine turned me on to this one, as we were both pro wrestling fans at the time & being the Andre was in it. I figured I'd give it a try, glad I did. That reminds I need to see if a combo pack is available. Oddly I haven't both the dvd of this one yet & I don't have a blu-ray so I buy the combo packs of dvds I want for future use.

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I miss Andre the Giant.


I knew a guy who was a pro wrestler and used to tour with Andre. He had a million hilarious Andre the Giant stories. Never had the pleasure of meeting the Big Guy myself, but I feel like I knew him a little.

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