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Deploying Models with Summoned and Burrow SA's

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A question came up during a game this past weekend that we have reached an impasse on. I will state the issue as objectively as possible so as not to be accused of "leading the witness":


If a Solitaire model with the Summoned and Burrow SA's deploys in the Burrowed State does it add a card to the Draw Deck?

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If a player chooses to take advantage of a the "Summoned" special ability, that is if he intends on summoning said model into the game after the play has started, then the model would not be deployed at the beginning of the game at all and not provide its draw card yet either.


At the point in time when that model is summoned into the game, it can be summoned in burrowed mode.


Since it is a solo model it does not join the summoning model's troop and therefore it will add a card to the draw deck, but it will not add this card until the end phase (and after it does its one free action upon being summoned it cannot be activated with a draw deck card until the next turn).

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