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Tentacled horror


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Well, I kind of thought that I'd be painting a bunch of trooper models in October, but it turns out I'm more interested in eldritch horrors. Here's something I cobbled up out of unused parts from the GW Chaos Spawn box and a bit of green stuff:


post-5715-13188946546559_thumb.jpg post-5715-13188946619838_thumb.jpg


It's based around a cephalopodic head, tentacled "arm" cluster, spiky "tail", and and a pair of random tentacle bits. The whole thing should fit nicely on a 50mm base.


post-5715-13188949180647_thumb.jpg post-5715-13188949256242_thumb.jpg


This looks like a perfect opportunity to play around with glazes a la Massive Voodoo (especially here and here). Right now I'm waiting for the gesso to finish setting, then I'll basecoat with maybe a desaturated blue-green.

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