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Reaper figure in Call of Cthulu

Steven Page

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My gang is now playing Call of Cthulu, and once again, hats off to Reaper. We are using the Slithe(hope to see more of these soon) as Deep Ones, the Frog Demon as a Howardesque monstrosity, the Warlord Devourer of Masouf and are awaiting Bilge Treacle. all fit the "otherwordly horror" genre quite well.


Any other suggestions. (FranktheDM, I know you are out there!)

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There are a few I've borrowed that work well. Jehenna the Vampire looks modern enough. And vampires make great Cthulhu Cult leaders!! The townsfolk make (pack one and two) great NPCs. The Treasure packs work well for the evil laboratory of a cultist. There is a necromancer or two, the ghouls and the familiars packs. I'm using this stuff (when I get a group running again) and then I recently picked up the Knights of the Dinner Table figs to be the Investigators. I think that'll be fun.


Good luck and enjoy. CoC is my other favorite RPG.

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The damn board ate my post!!!!


It takes more than tentacles to make a mini ‘lovecrafian’ it takes a certain level of alienness or attitude. Its important to set the mood before the mini is placed on the field.


The slithe are too platey for deep ones IMHO.


The Giant snake, frog, ape, dire boar and carnivorous fungus patch are good for life forms influenced by the Black milk of Shub-Niggurath.


Snakemen could work for serpent people warriors. Reapers lizard men seem too brutish for the race of The Lost City however


the NEW hooked terror looks the part for a CoC game.


Alter of evil with victim should require no explanation.


The 2554: Treasure Hoard 1, Magic Treasures III could be more deadly than a 4 barreled MagLight-sight shotgun if used correctly. Even deadlier if used incorrectly


2406: Shadow Assasin of Jalahandra, 2519: Kneeling Assassin figs are good for the Arabian assassins that are coming to get The Book back.


The chaos spawn has some resemblance to the Whately family.


For those Egypt explorations the Anubis and Bast statues are great along with the sarcophagi. [mummies can spice up an otherwise dull Miskatonik U dig very nicely.]


The Yeti can be useful in many ways if the characters head into the mountains. Minion of the windwalker, guy in a bigfoot-suit, anti-mythos primitive who aids the investigators against a Mi-go incursion.


If human faced Rat things seem to wimpy for your players then the 2710: Goblin Wolves should be a nice upgrade in size and power.


2251: Fire Elemental & 2252: Wind Elemental have a decent otherworldly look to them


The new eye beast makes up for its grin by having eyes all over its body for a nice alien appearance.



If you don't mind the D&D look, the phase cat may be usable. The Bathalians make nice cultists in squid masks. Veteran PC's may wish they weresimply mind flayers however. The stone lurker should work nicely too with a good paintjob. The Cloak Fiend is just strange enough to work.


If you want me to list some non reaper minis to use in CoC, I will next time [it will be a LONG list.Till then check out RAFM’s cthulhu mini line at rafm.com or www.discounthobby.com



BTW If you wind up running a Werewolf the Apocalypse game, most of these figs make good wyrm spawn and the warlord lupines are perfect crinos form werewolves.

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2868 Eldritch Demon as a Star Child.

2908 Undead Ooze as a Shoggoth.

Ghouls and Chast as Ghouls and Ghast.

2522 Hellhounds as Hounds of Tindolas

2872 Werewolf as Loup Garau.

2838 Faceless Horror as a varient Shoggoth.

2837 Haunt as a Ghost.

2817 Moor Hound as a varient Hound of Tindolas.

2780 Water Elemental as a Color out of Space.

2747 Jean Paul SuChamps as a greater Loup Garau.

Warlord Mummies and Zombies as Mummies and Zombies.

2038 Gargoyle as a Byakhee with a sculptwork.

2147 Spectre as a Spectral Hunter.

2353 Rat Swarms as Rat Things.

2381 Conjunctivitus as a Star Vampire.

2453 Karamor as Hunting Horror.

2496 Swamp Shambler as The Worm that Walks.

2498 Snakemen as you guessed it Snakemen.

2567 Basilisk as a Lloigor.

2597 Mzima as a varient Chaugnar Faugn with added tusks.

2636 Blacksting as a varient Byakhee.

2658 Stone Lurker as Flying Pylop. Remove the brocoli base and sculpt the bottom to a point and moint to a flying base.

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50039: Gug, Eldritch Horror (can't believe you guys missed this one in your list)


02983: Familiar Pack IX (6) has a little Cthulhu in it!


02838: Faceless Horror also works for a flying polyp (grounded, of course)


02919: Burrowing Horror with a sculpted beard of tentacles would make an excellent Bokrug


02252: Wind Elemental with a couple of intense eyes could pass for Ithaqua; alternatively, you could flatten the chest and remove the tombstone of either 14148: Railor, Necropolis Sergeant or 20017: Ghost


03478: Tawny Firehair, Cat Girl as a priestess of Bast?


03425: Spell Effect: Burning Sphere as Cthugha? or the living pillar of flame?


03041: Mushroom King, an ally of the Mi-Go from Yuggoth? together with 02679: Mushroom Men and 02695: Fungus Patch


14188: Ssudai, Nagendra Mage = serpentman cultist


Other cultist candidates that seem appropriate for the age (there are a couple of others):

02797: Taenar, Cultist Leader

03312: Townsfolk: Cultists and Victim

03438: Darkspawn Cultist and Minion

03470: Khalatine, Evil Cultist

06175: Darkthrall Cultists (9)

14319: Darkthrall Cultist, Mercenaries Grunt


02718 or 65049: Garravank, Ghoul King would make a cool Y'Golonac if you hacked his head off (but it's such a cool head!) There's another fig, too: 03388: Garravank the Ghoul King


03049: Huge Spider for a Leng Spider? (check out the other spiders, too) Or... 03180: Cadirith, Colossal Demonic Spider


02133: Water Demon as Mother Hydra (maybe in ceremonial mask?) She looks a lot like the 02219: Domnu Of The Slithe fig which could be Dagon...


03086: Nephal Shadow Prince Demon without the sword could be Hypnos


One of the thousand faces of Nyarlathotep?:

02206: Pazuzu


02684: Frog Demon as Tsuthoggua


02868: Eldritch Demon is clearly Spawn of Cthulhu


You might be able to mold a Mi-go easily enough from 02744: Cichastus, Fly Demon. Replace the head with a bare brain and give it some crab claws. There may need to be another pair of legs, I'm not sure.


02697: Yeti

03029: Sasquatch

14574: Yeti Shaman, Icstd

50011: Sasquatch


Beetles for New Age Yithians (the brood from the future):

02492: Scarab Beetle Swarm

02564: Giant Scarab Beetle

02844: Acid Beetles (2)

03256: Dungeon Vermin

03262: Beetle Swarm and Victim


Add greenstuff to cover the face over of a bat-winged gargoyle or demon and you've got a nightgaunt: 02039: Gargoyle or 03223: Gargoyle or 20031: Gargoyle


And these are just too cool to miss:

02837: Haunt

14547: Night Spectre

03230: Goroloth

02943: Festering Spirit

60007: Sinspawn

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