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Forgeworld Space Marine/ 2011 GW Games Day

Stern Kestrelmann

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Hey gang.


Managed to get some paint on this one. My friend scored this model for me in Chicago this summer at the GW Games Day event. My photos are not the best, but hopefully you can see a few details... Really enjoyed painting this one. I got the base from a small company in Italy and thought it went well with the old school Mark III armor style of the model. One note; I could not get the shield to sit properly when I attached it post-paint, but other than that no hitches or set backs with this one. No metallic paints or water slide decals were harmed to produce this model... :poke:







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Thanks for the comments 'erbody.


@prophet- I hear you man. Most of their models are out of my reach.


@Orionjp- Thanks man. I'll be working on several UM models this fall/ winter. Stay tuned! :poke:


@Randy(haldir)- Thanks man. Always nice to hear from you!


@NG- Thanks man. I got two of them for 8$ plus shipping. Not too bad.


@Lyn- Hey you. Good to see you lurking about! Yeah, the base seemed to fit well with the model.


SK (and his ever growing beard...)

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