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Finally took the plunge into Warlord


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Well I went to Artistcon to learn to be a better painter and see about this game called Warlord. I was treated on Friday to seeing the game played as well as getting a chance to demo the game and I am sold! I cannot remember the names of those playing Warlord next to my demo or the man who demo the game to me but I want to say thank you. I must say I was impressed with the balance and ease of play. I took advantage of the Metal Exchange and picked up a large Crusader army as well as a decent Sisterhood of the Blade army. I cannot remember the Forum Handles of the two guys that helped me and I really do not want to mention real names for internet reasons but they will probably chime in. I must say that I will be spreading the game in my local area and I know that it will take off because it is more fun to play and the armies have a lot of flavor. Thanks for everyones help and I expect to be posting more in the Warlord section soon.

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Glad to be of service. The best advice I can give you is to just tinker... that is, we gave you a few example strategies with your armies. But, obviously you had not fully read thru the special abilities list yet to know exactly how some of those strategies would work. So, now that you have a book, read the various abilities and then go play on Reapergames.com with the army creator and tinker with army lists and how they might synergize with each other.


I guarantee you that if you spend a little time doing that, you will probably end up with about 12 different lists as you choose what skill, spell, or character to synergize around.


That and keep in touch and when you get yourself set come back for a weekend and we'll throw down officially and not just in the demos. That is to say, I wont use my "always roll 2s or less" dice.

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Well, then here you go a quick example of one type of army build. I went and looked at the Crusader's sheet and see they have this really cool spell that I have actually never used, called "Martyr's True Restoration" that looks like it could really give an enemy fits if used effectively. So, then I thought about Mother Kristianna also being able to ressurect stuff as well, again something that always drives opponents crazy. And the list grew from there. Now, I admit Iprobably would go a little different in some of my soldier inclusions, but I read above where you bought a bunch of TKnights and Justicars, so I augmented my list a little to try and use models you just got.


So, with that, here is the list:


Crusaders - 997 points


Troop 1

Mother Superior Kristianna

Isarah, Cleric of Shadarzaddi - Familiar

Saramonde, Chronicler

Templar Ironspine x 2

Justicar x 3


Troop 2

Sir Malcom, Lightbringer

Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter

Templar Knight x 4

Ivy Crown Archer x 2


Troop 3

Guardian Beast of Aurellius


Troop 4

Guardian Beast of Aurellius



Luck Stone



4 troops - 1 tactician, 2 spies

18 models : 48 DTs


The familiar could go on Kristi or Isarah, but I have it on Isarah cause she is the one I intend to have cast the Martyr spell and I need to make sure she has enough spell points left on turn 3-4 to do it.


This list has less models and less DTs than I normally play with, but since you can do some healing and resurrecting it should be ok.


I chose the Marcus over Finari to get the extra divine casting.


Premise is pretty straight forward, in the beginning, Kristi and Marcus use their divine Vigor spells to pump up the volume of the Guardian kitties of doom. The kitties go scampering into combat and wreak havoc. In the early going you should be able to get away with some regular healing spells, but if when the kitties do start to take a real beating then Isarah can cast the Martyr healing when the time is right. Or if a kitty does go down then Kristi brings it back and then ISarah gives it a little sumpin sumpin.


Meanwhile, your archers spread way out and target any cripples left by the kitties.


And the foot soldiers play a little bit defensive to keep the enemy LOS off your casters but aggressive enough that you might have to use your Mass healing spell.


Like I said nothing extremely cheesey, fairly boring and drab as far as the cheese goes, but just frustrating for your opponent when they spend a long time trying to whittle down your DR felines only to have them get pumped full of go go juice and have to start over.


I might would change out 1 justicar to get the Holy armor to put on Kristi, in case they do get off a succesful hit against her, you can force them to try again.


Anyway, cheers and have fun building lists...

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...then go play on Reapergames.com with the army creator and tinker with army lists and how they might synergize with each other.


I guarantee you that if you spend a little time doing that...





A little time?




Once you figure out that program, you'll be spending LOTS of time!



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