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Partha Mecha Dragon


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Has Reaper ever done a Mecha-Dragon? Because there should be more Mecha Dragons.


I thought this looked like something invading aliens, or a mad scientist, would use to menace Tokyo.














I heart my airbrush!


Also, Reaper Mecha Dragon? K thx bye.

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Nice!!!! I've got that one sitting up on the shelf for "someday", so it's good to see your interpretation. I personally like the anime look. (And that the color scheme matches your nanite avatar... :poke:)


One of the cooler things RP did before they went of out business in the whole FASA fiasco is put out these "special" dragons. I picked almost all of them up (the forest dragon was too "herbal" for my tastes...)





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Thanks all!




This is wicked cool! Love it, and the colors are very fun, very anime, and well-executed.


One question: how big is this thing? Are we talking "fits on a" 25, 30, 40, 50, or larger sized base (all numbers in millimeters there).



He stood so well, I didn't even think about basing! I'd say 50mm base. He's maybe 5" long? And 4" wingspan, I'll have to measure when I get home today.


I got him for cheapo at chaos orc: http://chaosorc.com/ral-paratha-mecha-dragon-blister-packet-p-16365.html



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