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A Mini Fit For a King


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I recently came back from a trip to Thailand and while the trip was lots of fun, I did not expect to see a mini in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I thought it would be something fun to share here.


Rama IV (Rama is a title, not his name, all Thai kings are called Rama), the King of Thailand during the 1800s commissioned this miniature to be built so the people of Thailand could see other monuments in other parts of the country that was under Thai rule at the time, without having to travel. This is a scale model of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Unlike the real one though, this one is in much better condition.






Here is the real one in Cambodia:



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Dang that's AWESOME!! Is it made from stone? It looks like it's an outdoor display area, wonder if it was sealed with anything. Lucky traveling, must have been incredible to see in person, thanks for posting pics! It's good to be the King/Rama ;) !

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@ sethohman: The Royal Guards are trained just like the ones in Britain, (They don't move) somehow if you decided to play Warlord on their model... I have a feeling that would be one way to get them to move.



@ Anne: I believe it is stone, couldn't find too much info online about it. Most of what to see is outside, It's a complex that includes temples and many palaces. In the Temples it is usually just a big room, decorated with intricate detail with some sort of statue of Buddha inside.


@ Dr.Bedlam: Hah, 1/100 scale It was just about the right size for you average Reaper figure. lol :)


Thailand was amazing, the detail they put in every one of their temples is absolutely crazy. After Bangkok we went to Pattaya, about 3 hour drive away. There was a building called the Sanctuary of Truth. An entire building of hand carved wood (not a single machine has been used to carve), Not a single metal nail to hold it together either. They have been working on it for 30 years, and it is still not done. Here is a teensy sample of the Sanctuary, pretty easy to goolge more.:



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