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03315 Tiviel, female hellborn rogue


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"Aw, now, you'll have to do better than that, sweetie. Honestly, I don't think you can, but you're welcome to try." <smooch>


I painted this figure last week at the Reaper ArtistCon and made some touchups after I got home.

I sculpted her, along with a male wizard/warlock, in 2008, just after 4th edition D&D came out and made the devilish tieflings a standard player-character race.

I had delayed painting her, though, because I couldn't decide on the skin color -- pale, orange, ruddy pink, or brick-red. I also wasn't sure about the eyes -- all orange, all green, or humanlike but with red irises. As you can see, I chose mottled ruddy skin and orange eyes.

I carved and filed her daggers to make them sharper than the stock release, and I turned them in at an angle.

I also slightly converted the tip of the tail; the stock tail is blunt-ended, but I reshaped it into a frill with my flush cutters and some knife-work.








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I saw you doing that one at the con.


Ow. That didn't come out right.ik_devil.gif


Still a gorgeous piece of work... subtle, yet grabbing!


doing.....grabbing........ :devil:


Excellent work Derek. I really like your mods, epically to the blades.

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Wow, that is beautiful. You always manage to take a very limited palette and make it gorgeous. Is that a belly button ring? Awesome. I love the stippling on her skin on the back of the figure, too, and the skin tones are lovely.


Derek, you need to do another Craft article WIP one of these days, for us Derek fans who can't make it down to Texas!

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